1: Registration for the school's courses is 100% binding. The school will enter into agreement with facilities and tutors when there is a fixed number of registered participants to a course.

2: Some courses give the option of a trial session, if this is written in the course syllabus. Participants may also invite a guest to one session during the duration of the course, but only after completing the third session.

3: Receipt for payment of course fees must be presented to the tutor prior to the first session, unless otherwise agreed in writing with Maya's School of Music and Performing Arts. Failing to attend is not considered cancellation. The course fee must be paid even if the participants do not show up to the course.

The school may dismiss student for the following reasons:
  - 4 consecutive absences
  - Failure to meet payment plan
  - Disiplinary problems

4: A place on the course can be given away / sold to another participant, if the original registered participant does not participate.

5: Participants may at some point during the course invite a guest, after the third session.
Send a request for a guest invitation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
You will receive a guest card by mail that must be brought to the session and presented to the tutor.

6: In sessions were children under the age of 4 years attend, a parent or guardian must participate with the child. Children over 4 years attend the session alone. For the children 4 years and older, an adult may be present the first, and possibly second session.

7: Standard course fee are based on a fixed number of participants, usually 7 participants per. courses. If there are fewer participants, the school can still procede with the course, but then with reduced amount of sessions. The course may be postponed or canceled if there are not enough registered participants to the course.

8: If a course is advertised as suitable for age group 10-14 years, and most of the participants who sign up for the course are aged 10 to 12 years, the school will allow for younger children to attend the course. If most participants who sign up for the course are 12 to 14 years, the school will allow for older children to attend the course. Courses can also be joint together, if there not enough participants enrolled to a course.

9: The start date for a course can for different reasons be postponed. Please inform the school when enrolling for a course, should any possible postponement of the course start date be a problem.

10: If the tutor has to cancel a class, a remplacement tutor will be provided, or if that is not the case, the session will be replaced towards the end of the course. The tutor is not obligated to wait after the start of a session for late students, and is not obligated to replace this lost session.

Wishing you a fun and educational class!

Contact the school if you have questions of any kind, or to give us your feedback in order for us to improve.

Course regulation apply to all courses at
Maya's School of Music and Performing Arts