Eli Storbekken, who was born in Tolga in the county of Hedmark is one of Norway’s well-established folk singers. She has had a long and varied career in folk music and worked alongside musicians from varied musical backgrounds such as Jazz, classical and world music.
In later years, Eli collaborated with guitarist and producer, Georg Buljo, which led to the release of two well-acclaimed CDs: “Maros” in 2009 and “Songen til fløyta” /”Song for the flute” in 2012, the latter containing compositions by Eli's father, Egil Storbekken (1911-2002).
Eli has contributed to numerous folk music festivals in Scandinavia and has been on tour in Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Iraq and Qatar. She has performed in the group, “Det Syng”/”It sings” with Agnes Buen Garnås, Anne Marit Jacobsen, Sinikka Langeland and Halvor Håkanes.

From 1998 to 2004, Eli was a member of the Scandinavian Song and Dance Ensemble, “Kvedar”.
Eli has released 4 solo CDs and in 2000, she published the book entitled, “Nattergalen”/ “The Nightingale”.
In the 1980’s Eli joined forces with other musicians to produce television and radio recordings. She performed solo with the Hedmark Symphony orchestra in 2011. As Musical director, Eli worked determinedly with the open-air theatrical production “Svartedauen”/”The Black Death” between 2002 and 2008.
Eli has also chaired seminars and directed concerts under the auspices of Norsk kvedarforum/Norwegian Forum for Folk Singers. She continues to teach both young and not so young alike the art of folk singing and currently teaches the Ole Bull Academy in Voss lectures in Music Science at the University of Oslo.
In 2009, Eli walked away with awards at the Norwegian Folk Music awards and in 2011, she received both the Rolf Gammle Award for Performing Arts and the Tolga Award.

Visit Eli at storbekken.no

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